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Elea Blake Presents...                                                        "The Color Carniv

Color Fest 2017! 

Elea Blake Cosmetics, Celebrates 20 Years! 

Sooo many pics... so much fun! Yet we can't upload all the photos because we would be here for days! You all know how Photogenic we are! We would never get finished! 

We are SO GRATEFUL for the Ladies of Elea Blake Cosmectics for Opening their Doors, and Hearts to Edwina LaShan Fashion Blog for Our 2nd Annual "Unwine in Style"! Words alone, can not express our gratitude and appreciation! 

So of course, during the process of planning our event, we were told that they were also in the process of Celebrating 20 Years! The fact that they took time out of their own busy schedules to collaborate with us, on something so dear to our hearts, there was no hesitation on our end that we would be in attendance. 

We, at Edwina LaShan, know personally, how much time, patience, blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice it takes to plan an event. One event is enough! So two, we can only imagine, can be a hassle!  

Thank you again Ladies! We appreciate all the love and support and again, We Congratulate you on 20 Years of Success and 20+ Years of Continuous Success!

The Team at Elea Blake Cosmectics, has the Biggest Hearts! All Proceeds were Donated to Ballet Tennessee!  

Ladies, We had a Ball at the Color Fest! Thank you again for having us!!! 

We hope you all enjoy the event through our eyes!

It was amazing!


Full Look: Styled By Edwina LaShan Tutu: Forever 21 Body Suits: Forever 21 Edwina's Heels: Dillards/ Gianni Bini LaShan's Heels: Charlotte Russe Shades: Fashion Nova Edwina's Clutch: Dillards/Gianni Bini LaShan's Clutch: Dillards/Betsey Johnso 

Pics Below:

Xoxo! Until next time!!! We Love You!!! 

-Edwina LaShan

Photo Cred: 

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