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“Fall is Here!!! Check out these Easy To Put Together, Fall Fashion Pieces!”

Fall is Officially here!!! 

Check out these Fabulous Fall Picks chosen by Edwina LaShan to Style your Fall Closet! 


Colors to be on the watch for Fall 2017! 

Blush Olive Peach Baby Blue Mustard Rusty Orange Cranberry Nude 


Duster coats are fun during any season because they are business casual.

They maintain a professional yet cozy style.

They are perfect for people who may get chilly in the office but want to keep their layering light. 

This is where the Fashion “It Girl’s” bit of heaven comes in, with the duster! 

The duster is definitely a fall “Go To”, and can be paired with pretty much any look! 


Kimonas much like the dusters are nice transitional pieces but with more color options and prints! 

Check out these Kimonas available on!

More Kimona Fun!!!


Essential Tops are great and easy clothing item that you can dress up or down!

Pair an essential top up with a Duster, Kimona, Blazer, Bomber Jacket or Cardigan and you are good to go!

Perfect for the work environment, lunch date, or a night out!


High Waist Jeans, Skinny Jeans and Leggings are definitely perfect to bring any fall look together, whether you are trying to dress down or up! 

(Jeans Pictured available at Express)

Target has a nice selection as well!


The Body Con fitted dress is also one of those basic essentials that you can wear in any color and piece with any type jacket to bring together an easy breezy look!

Forever 21 has a nice selection of essential body con dresses.


Accessorize with these Staple Pieces!

The Scarf is a Fall Favorite because it’s easy to accessorize and complete your look.

You can wear it around your neck, or you can wear it as a headpiece.

However you choose, you can never go wrong with a scarf for Fall!

The Leopard Scarf takes you on the wild side and it can even be matched with vibrant colors as well as neutral shades. 

Colorful scarves are always creative for fall, to give a Pop of Color, on gloomy fall days! 

A Pop of Color with your accessories will always do the job in brightening your day! 

Patterns Scarfs such as Seasonal Plaids, and Black and White Prints are also fun scarfs to wear during the fall season! 


Last but not least, the go to Shoes and Hats for Fall!

The Metallic Oxfords have been a huge hit with celebrities and fashion lovers all over!   

Booties have been a huge hit for fall!

We advise every fashionista to at least have one pair in black or neutral tones for fall.

Fringes are still in! Be sure to grab you some fringe for Fall! 

Thanks to Kanye, the clear bootie and knee high boot have been a huge hit! They bring edge to pretty much any outfit!

Who doesn’t love studs and the perfect black bootie?!? 

Oh! Did they tell you??? 

Velvet has made a huge impact on fashion in the last year!

It’s everywhere!!! 

So we definitely suggest that if you are a velvet fan that you invest in a pair of velvet boots.

Check out these Blue Velvet Crush, Knee High Boots below! 

Knee High boots also make a huge statement in fashion and can be paired with dresses or over jeans! 

Rihanna in a Pair of Velvet Knee High Boots:

Every fashionista should definitely invest in a pair of knee highs! 

They are sexy and definitely warm!  


The Fedora Hat is always a huge hit for Fall! 

It’s always a good idea to invest in whatever fall color hat, you can get your hands on, whether it’s neutral tones, cranberries, olives or oranges. 

Fall hats can complete any fashion forward look for the season! 

We hope we were of some help, to get your Fall Fashion Wardrobe together! As Always, We Love You, and We appreciate you for taking the time to read!  Happy Fall Styling! 🍁🍂🍁 XoXo!

Edwina LaShan 

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