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“What To Wear to a Holiday Party!”

Hello Fashion Babes!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 

So you know what that means... 

Time to pull out your best Holiday Apparel! 

Don’t know what to wear to a Classy Holiday Party, we have you covered! 

Check out these Classic Statement Pieces that are Perfect for your next Holiday Party! 

The Fur: 

What woman doesn’t love a good fur? Whether it’s real or faux, a good fur could never do you wrong! It just screams GLAMOUR!!! Let the fur do the talking for you ladies! You can either do a coat or if thats a bit too much, give a hint of fur, with a fur stole! Perfect for the Holidays!

The Little Black Dress:

Coco Chanel, said it best, “Every Woman needs a Little Black Dress!” The quote still holds true, to this very day! You can never do any wrong with a little black dress. Dress it up with pearls, a diamond earring, or maybe wear a simple red lip for a pop of color! 

Sequins! Sparkles! Sequins! 

Ladies... you will be guaranteed to lighten up any party with a good festive sequin blazer, dress, skirt or jumpsuit! Everyone loves a good sparkle! It’s eye catching and it’s the “Life of the Party.”

The Feather Skirt:

Feather Skirts are still a huge hit! Pair a feather skirt with a blazer or a nice body suit! 

The Prissy Tulle Skirt:

Tulle is just one of those fabrics that will never go out of style! It’s Flirty, fun, and absolutely gorgeous! Pick you up a Tulle Tutu and you are guaranteed to turn heads! 

The Plaid Shirt: 

Christmas plaids are classic for Holiday Parties! Year after year, we see different versions of the Button Down Plaid Shirt! Reds, Blacks, Whites, Greens, and Multi Colors! Plaids shirts can be paired with leggings, pencil skirts, wide leg pants, skinny jeans and tutus! 

The Velvet Dress:

Velvet is in!!! Some of us may not like the texture of velvet, but it has been a huge holiday fabric in the last couple of years. Grab a velvet dress or Blazer and be sure to grab attention!

The Jumpsuit:

Ladies love jumpsuits! They are easy to put on, and super comfortable! The jumpsuit is the new replacement for the little sexy dress.

The Tuxedo Suit:

Dresses are fun! But suits are more fun! And comfortable! Women are wearing tuxedo suits more often and dressing them up with pumps!

The Sparkly Heels:

Glitter heels are a huge hit for any season, but for Christmas, they definitely fit the season! They are magical and you just feel like at any time you can click your heels together and magically travel to a secret place! 

The Holiday Prints:

Leopard, and Black/White Stripe Prints are classic prints to match up with holiday apparel. Leopard is always fun to match up with an outfit. Stripes always give a contrast!


Emeralds, Diamonds, and Pearls represent Elegance and Royalty! 

The Perfect Accessories for all Holiday Apparel!

Try these Holiday Colors of the  Season:







Thanks for Reading! 

Happy Holidays!!!


Edwina LaShan

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