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Edwina LaShan Celebrates 5 Years, Today, March 19, 2018! 

In honor of, Our 5 year Anniversary, we are going to go down memory lane! 

Urban Renaissance was Our First Ever Event we hosted, and it has opened the door to many more! As we grow through the years, we will never forget where we first started! 

Urban Renaissance was held at One of the Southsides Most Precious and Hidden Gems, Fredonia Boutique! 

Fredonia Boutique has since then, closed, but we will forever, hold this boutique and its Owner, Morgan Griggs, “Dear to Our Hearts!” Morgan was well established in her profession and was more than open to giving us the opportunity to hold “Our First Ever Event” in her establishment!

Edwina LaShan teamed up with fellow Blogger and Friend, Lorean Mays of The Sophisticate Chronicles. 

We put together a group of young, smart, high school models who may have never been giving the opportunity to stand bold in their beauty! 

We had a Ball with these Young Ladies and enjoyed every moment of working with them!

Check out more Photos from “Urban Renaisance” below!

Thanks to Everyone who made this event into everything, that it was... Including Our Supportive Parents who always have our backs! Thanks Mom and Dad! We Love you!!! We will continue to make you proud!  


Edwina LaShan 

Boutique: Fredonia Boutique 

Boutique Owner: Morgan Griggs 


Ada Panni 

A'Keia Colley 

Jakaira Walker 

Rissa Williams

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