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Meet Model Ada Karoline Panni!

Ada is from Chattanooga, Tn! 

She attended Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences and graduated in the graduating Class of 2014, alongside, Our Own Al’leta LaShan. 

This is not the first time Ada has modeled for Edwina LaShan. Ada modeled for LaShan’s Senior Project, Fashion Show, and she also modeled for Our First Ever, Edwina LaShan Fashion Blog Event, “Urban Renaissance”. 

Hi Ada! So we want to thank you again for allowing us to feature you for Our Spring/Summer 2018 Photoshoot!

Hey! I loved this!! Such a fun experience-- thanks for letting me be a part!!  

So before we getting started... we would like to learn a little bit about you. So what is your name?

Ada Karoline Panni 

How old are you? 


What is your occupation? 

Graduate from Shorter University.

Where were you born? 

Chattanooga, TN 

What high school did you graduate from? 


How exactly did you get started in modeling? 

I started modeling when a close friend began doing photography. She needed a model to practice with, so it was always me!  

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? 

In the next five years, I would like to have graduated from Law School and have passed the bar exam! Do you want to pursue a long term modeling career? 

I don't see myself pursuing a career in modeling, but I do enjoy doing it for fun!  

What advice would you give the young girl who looks up to you and would like to someday be in your shoes? 

I would tell any young girl to be confident in who she is. The world doesn't need more girls who look like celebrities. The world needs more confident individuals. So be yourself!! How did it feel to be a model for Edwina LaShan? It was a great experience being a model with Edwina LaShan. I felt so comfortable!!  

How was the styling process? 

The styling process was fun! I'm not a makeup person, so I loved watching Tati do her magic with the fun eyes and lips! One more question... how did it feel to work with Edwina LaShan 4 years later? The 1st time was when you and Al’leta were in the 12th grade, for Our Urban Renaissance Event. What change have you seen in us and our creative process? I loved reconnecting again after four years! The first time I worked with y'all, I was not confident in myself at all, but to see how much I've grown as a person over the past four years has been so encouraging! Plus, I've loved to see how this brand has grown and started high fashion conversations around the Chattanooga area!!

Thank you again Ada! 

Here’s to many more years of success! 

You slayed this shoot and we could not have thought of a better person to represent Our Brand! Love you girl!!! Congratulations on Graduating from College this weekend!!! It’s such an amazing feeling to see your growth over the last 4 years from a young girl, to a young lady! Keep reaching for your dreams!!! You inspire us all!!  And this definitely won’t be the end of this collaboration! 


Edwina LaShan 





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