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Hello Fashion Babes!!! 

Let’s Talk Fall Fashion!!! 

Exciting right???  

Have you been working on your Fall Fashion Looks???

This Fall Season is made of Unicorns, Sparkles, Glitters and Everything Nice! 

All of our favorite childhood Fashion Trends wrapped into one season.

Who doesn’t love Holograms, Metallics, Neons, Colorful Plaids and Prints???

We do!!!

Let’s Talk Fall Fashion! 


Holograms were huge on the runway for Fall Fashion Week 2018! 

The Metallic Rainbows are Magical and Enchanting!!!

The iridescent colors can brighten up any event you attend...

If you wear Holograms to an event you are guaranteed to be the life of the party! 

Perfect for New Years and Night life events! 


Sequin Suits have been a huge hit this year! 

Many of us are “guilty” of having our fair share of fun, playing with the two sided, reversible, sequin fabrics, right? 

You know the sequin pieces that you rub, the opposite way, and it changes into a different color.

Sequins will never go out of style with this playful aspect! 

Anyone who shows up to an event with a sequin suit on, are guaranteed to make a powerful statement.

“Boss Babe has entered the building!”  

You are sure to gain the respect you deserve as soon as you hit the door.


Hot Pink/Neon Pink Hue is Back Again this Season!

This year many of our favs have been Rocking the vibrant shade!!! 

Tracee Ellis Ross, Angela Simmons, Cardi B, and Claire Sulmers are just a few, who have been spotted rocking the popular color!  

It’s just one of those colors that you can get away with rocking all year long! 

Pink is a Girl’s Best Friend right??? 

Hot Pink has definitely proved this statement to be true! 

Many of our Favorite Fashionistas have been rocking the bright hue in Ball Gowns, Suits and Mini Dresses! Nothing GLOWS like a woman in HAWT Pink!!! 


Neon Green is SUPER huge this season as well...

Some of our favorite celebrities have been dambling in the color and having tons of fun while doing it! 

From Blake Lively to Kim K the color has definitely been making it’s rounds.


The Bright Color Plaid Trend has made a comeback! 

Do you remember the Clueless Plaid??? 

Many celebrities have been rocking the trend and bringing it back to life!  

Check out how Monica Rocks the Trend:

Remy Ma also has been seen wearing the Bright Color Plaid Trend:


The Rainbow Colored Animal Print Trend is also in this season! 

Many Designers have been playing around with the trend. 

Vibrant Animal Prints are definitely a head turner...

From the Runway to Celebrities the trend has been nothing shy of a bold statement.  

Here are a few of Our Favs Rocking the Trend!

Lala Anthony:

Rita Ora:

Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily:

There you go babes! 

Hope this helps with your Fall Fashion Statements!!! 

Get out! Don’t be afraid to Have Fun!!!

And get GLAMMED for fall!!!


Edwina LaShan 

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