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Hello Edwina LaShan Readers,

Here’s a full look of Our First Photo Shoot of the year 2020 featuring some of Chattanooga and Knoxville’s best on the Fashion Scene!

Fashion Stylist Kenya Iman of Chattanooga, and Edwina LaShan Fashion Brand decided to join our forces together to create the Ultimate Black Girl Magic shoot!


The Team:

Photographer: Casey Yoshida

Stylist: Kenya Iman of Kenya Iman Personal Fashion Stylist

Stylist: Marquita Ector of Edwina LaShan Fashion Blog

MUA: Tatiana Hernandez-Freeman

Head Wrap: Pamela Harris

Model: Tee Webb ( Chattanooga)

Model: Shadai Carr of Gage Models & Talent Agency (Knoxville)

Edwina LaShan: Hello Ladies! We want to thank you again for allowing us to feature you on Our 1st Collaboration Photoshoot of 2020!

Shadai: I loved being a part of this!

Tiffany: Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your vision. I always enjoy myself!

Edwina LaShan: Ok, so we are going to get this interview started with the inspiration for this shoot, Africa and Melanin Magic. So tell us... What are your definitions of Black Girl Magic?

Shadai: My definition of Black Girl Magic is being unapologetically yourself.

Tiffany: Black Girl Magic is the essences of being and doing great while being in your own lane.

EL: Tell us a little bit about yourselves... what are your full names?

Shadai: My name is Shadai Carr.

Tiffany: My Name is Tiffany Webb I have a very vibrant 2 year old daughter, Paris Love and my 1st love is dancing. My motto is to love always, no matter what.

EL: Where were you born? And what High School did you graduate from?

Shadai: I was born in St. Thomas V.I. and I graduated from a high school in Tampa.

Tiffany: I was born in Chattanooga, TN; graduated from Tyner Academy.

EL: How old are you both and what are your current occupations?

Shadai: I'm 23 years old right now, I'll be 24 in June! I currently work at Dillard's in the sunglasses department.

Tiffany: I am 37 years old and I work in Human Resources for an auto manufacture.

EL: How did you both get your start in modeling?

Shadai: I didn't get my start in modeling until a little over 2 years ago but I've always had a desire to model since I was 4-5 years old.

Tiffany: I started with Veatrice Conley and later became a model for the 100 Black Women for many of their shows. After that through networking and model calls, I was able to get more out there.

EL: Let's talk the future.... Where do you ladies see yourselves in the next 5 years? Do you want to make modeling a long term career?

Shadai: In the next 5 years I see myself progressing tremendously and getting the deserved recognition in my modeling career. New York Fashion Week is a dream of mine, I hope to accomplish in the next year, if not within the next 5 years.

Tiffany: I will be signed with a major modeling and talent agency and be full time in the modeling industry.

EL: In a career like modeling, you are bound to have people watching your every move. What advice would you give the young girls who look up to you both and would like to someday pursue modeling as well???

Shadai: My advice would be to find the love for yourself first. It's so important to love yourself and find your self worth. With that comes along the confidence to pursue your dream of modeling.

Tiffany: I would tell her to go for her dreams now, stay focused, visualize herself in being what she desires to be, research research research!! And tell fear to F@$k off!!

EL: Ok... So last, but not least... How did it feel to be a model for Edwina LaShan and Kenya Iman? How was the styling process for the both of you?

Shadai: Collaborating with Kenya and Edwina was amazing. They really brought the vision to life and did such a great job together! I loved being a part of this!

Tiffany: It was amazing!! It’s always great to be around people you just naturally vibe with. As stylist, their eye and creativity was just pure work of art!

Thank you again Ladies for willingly being models for Our Black Girl Magic photoshoot! We appreciate you ladies so much!

Thank you to OUR ENTIRE TEAM! None of this would have been possible without you...

Stay tuned... for More Collaboration Photoshoots and Interviews!

If you would like to sponsor or collaborate with Edwina LaShan...

Email us!

Happy Bloggerversary Edwina LaShan! 7 Years Edwina LaShan March 19, 2020!


Edwina LaShan

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